Gateway has one of the best quality hand car wash crews in the Chicagoland area. If you want a clean car with attention to detail, come to Gateway.

Hand Car Wash

hand-car-wash-gateway-auto-spa-chicago-illinoisThere are many places to go to have your car treated and cared for, but at Gateway Auto we do so with the utmost care and diligence. We will wash your car by hand, rather than sending it through an automated wash. Our hand car wash is more effective for producing a “new” look for your vehicle, as we will go over every inch of it with minute detail and focus to give it the best look possible.

Along with our hand car wash, we will also detail your vehicle so it can receive the cumulative benefit of having the best treatments possible. Some of our other detailing services are waxing your vehicle, shampooing the carpet, dent removal and window tinting.

These are all personally implemented services we offer for our clients so they can see that their vehicles come from us looking as they did when you first purchased them.

Does Your Car Need Washing? Waxing? Window Tinting? Full Detailing?

A hand car wash is more time consuming to be sure, but it is also more rewarding to see the results. Our technicians will ensure that there is not a single smudge on your vehicle’s body when we wash it, and if we are asked to wax it, you car will positively flow when we are done. The carpet shampoo service we provide will remove any stains and grime from your floor so you can take off your sandals while driving in the summer comfortably.

Our detailing services are very comprehensive and include cleaning your car’s engine and the leather in your car too. We do not clean the seats, but everything leather inside, and treat it against wear. We know that a good-looking, immaculate car makes you feel happy while driving it, and we want our customers to be perfectly satisfied with their vehicles.

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